Tutor Training



We live in a digital world. So do our students. And many students prefer online tutoring for various reasons. Teaching online bridges the gap and also offers documentation facilities like nothing else.
Lately, our tutors have been receiving requests for online tuitions from both India and overseas. Though most of them are really good at teaching offline (traditional face to face tutoring), a big majority has just a vague idea how online tutoring works. So we keep getting these queries “How Can I teach online classes?” and “How to get students for online teaching?“.
Due to high volume of requests from our tutors who want to learn to teach online and how online tutoring works, we have launched a comprehensive 1 hour program for 15 days. After this program, a tutor can confidently deliver online tutoring to any student in any part of the world. We know from our experience that once you learn how to tutor online after doing our comprehensive program, you will be able to approach confidently, not only online tutoring but offline tutoring as well.

For someone who is motivated, all it takes 15 days to setup and become an expert online tutor.

Course Details: How to teach online – Tutor Training for online sessions

  • Introduction to essential equipment
  • Introduction to various available technologies and websites that can act as tools to teach online.
  • Introduction to various websites where you can get listed to get online tutoring.
  • Introduction to Google search
  • This also includes any support that you might need if you face any problem teaching online.
  • This course requires 15 DAYS training and become a Certificate online tutor. Charge for this Course is Rs 1200.