Curriculum Development

An Overview:

We design and develop curriculum/learning content, training materials, teaching aids, and manage all aspects of curriculum development programs.We develop content in all formats like TEXT BOOKS, EBOOKS, AUDIO CD, AUDIO VISUAL STUDY MATERIAL, PPT PRESENTATIONS/WEBINARS FOR TRAINING MODULES). We deliver accurate, high -quality documentation within a specified deadline and timeline.

Picture 2Our curriculum development and designing teams create curriculum ranging from preschoolers to college students. Each of our lesson modules has been written exclusively by trained content writers for Etutors Zentrum and Schools/Colleges. We believe in creative and imaginative curriculum/curricula to improve learning in students. Our curriculum meets national and international standards. We organize diagnostic tests (MOCC), the best assessment platform for students to groom themselves.

We have not developed just a curriculum for learning; we are dedicated to making exceptional curriculum to develop imagination, reasoning and creative thinking.

Strategy for Development of Curriculum/Learning material:

curriculum_clipart“Need not to follow other publication’s books and study materials.Let us develop Curriculum/Learning Content of your choice.” Stand out with a difference. For pricing, contact us


The process of creating effective learning material is of prime importance to us.Good content works magically for the learner. We start with basic introductions to generic knowledge with critical analysis. Specialized work is done to develop curriculum from scratch with full applications.

curriculum-iconCustomized Content:

We develop customized learning materials for students/schools/colleges/organizations beyond differences in languages, cultures and learners’ characteristics etc.   ·

After classifying the content as per the level of uniqueness it is necessary to address the format of the content during delivery and specify whether the content will be designed into text, audio, video,graphic or animation or simulation.We Convert text based educational messages in Audio or Video or Animated content for using them in various ways of communication. In the learning process, interaction is a vital factor and such high level of interaction is bound to create higher levels of educational output to fulfill our goal of developing imagination, creativity and critical reasoning in students.

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